It’s another Monday right,

As always, I am going to speak out from my heart in writing but this time
It is going to be a short story.

It happened that three things happened to me within last week and for the rest of this week,
I will share the story with you and lesson learnt.

If you have ever experience toothache, then you know the feelings that comes with the pain, this is what happened to me and I could not hold back.

I removed the tooth and dentist found out another issue, forget that part…
Then I started 7…

Health is one of the determinants for poverty.

In 2017, when I started working with Japan International Cooperation Agency, as operation manager in charge of one of the intervention, Automatic Appointment Reminder and Defaulter Tracing System.

It was part of my duties to visit, supervise, troubleshoot, engage, analyze data from 100 Primary Health Centers (PHCs) in Lagos State.

At that point, I realized most of those PHCs were not mapped and see this as a problem not just for me but as for many people who are willing to access health care services. …

Success is predictable!

On my way out this morning, enjoying the journey and the cozy whether, I was thinking about how to increase my earning ability.

Truly, the real challenge of life is how to be more valuable.

How then do you predict your own success in life?

Let me highlight them for you in this simple Standard Operating Procedure for success.

Consistency is the mother of mastery. It is not what you do once in a while that makes you a legend but what you do every day.

1. Early Rising

The way we begin each day setup the…

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your past meet with the present?

What do I mean by that?

Last week Monday, I am sure you wondered you did not read from me as usual, this happened because, I usually love to write from my heart rather than create a content to send to you automatically.

Yes, I could do that if I wanted too create a month email campaign ahead and share with you, you can also learn to do that from me.

Why you did not read from me was because, I took a week off…

In 2007, WHO published a framework, commonly known as the “WHO building blocks”, to focus attention on the need to strengthen health systems, and to guide a common conceptual understanding of what constitutes a health system, in order to go about strengthening it.

My job has basically focus on health system strengthening in the last 6 years, I remembered as a volunteer, helping one of the primary health care centre in Lagos became a comprehensive centre through the FHI 360 Strengthening Integrated Delivery of HIV/AIDS Services (SIDHAS) project as counselor tester, monitoring and evaluation officer. I was in this role…

After the World Health Organization Technical Briefing yesterday, I was concerned at the level of public health threats in Nigeria, besides Covid-19, the country is battling with several other outbreaks like Lassa Fever, Measles and Cholera which has been very challenging since 2020, especially with the low immunization during the lock down period.

Several campaigns and strategies are ongoing to mitigate the effect of these vaccines preventable diseases, thinking in terms of Cholera which especial is more of a WASH issue, imagine public places and household without WASH facilities even health care facilities.

How can we change the behavior of…

Yet another Monday, the year is on a fast lane. Ensure your running at your own pace and breaking new grounds.

Raise your hand if sometimes it feels like there’s so much to do but not enough time.

Raise your hand if you feel overloaded or overpowered by work or life generally.

This is becoming common especially in our current fast-paced world. Most people have their 9–5 jobs while also running 2–3 side businesses, pursuing a degree or certification, raising children and family, leading/volunteering at impact-driven organizations (small or big), etc. Yes, managing all these can be overwhelming and draining.

I shared 10X rule last week with my nonprofit organization team at our weekly Read to Rise weekly event, I wished to share the book review with more audience and also get your feedback.

Today on Read to Rise, the book I am going to be reviewing with us is written by Grant Cardone. Grant Cardone is a real estate investor, sales trainer and professional, best-selling author, and a speaker selling out entire arenas. He’s based out of Florida, in the United States, and now has a real estate portfolio of more than $1billion at just over 60 years old…

Quit This Habits Now

Today on Monday Mastery

There are so many things holding us back in life, if you have read my Growth plan guide, remembered I shared 5 things that will affect us in life on our journey to achieving anything in life;


Click here to download my growth plan guide for free

Yet there are habits that we need to take care of daily as we journey through life, quit these 3 habits now and start getting more results and closer to your dreams.

1. Not setting daily goals

One of the best habits I…

In the last 11 weeks I have been on a professional development journey in acquiring more skills in the public health field which I have been working in the last 7 years both as a volunteer, program manager and consultant. Working on a technical and grant aid project currently which has to do with Strengthening Detection of and Response to Public Health Threats in Nigeria for almost a year now amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. I told myself it is time to give more to the project because usually what I am becoming and value I can add to any institution…

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