Over 7 million people across the globe already contracted the Sars covid 2, with over 400,000 death and the impact on livelihood of the world has already been threatened.

Major impact on health and education especially in Africa and Nigeria as the giant of Africa, maybe through our past record has senior brother to other African nation or as the most populous black nation on earth.

Statistics of our poor development in health and education is not looking good and at a time where our resources should be geared towards human capital development, the ongoing pandemic has the situation critical for citizens especially people living in hard to reach area. What do you think the State of health and education of those people look like right now? We need to find answers, solutions and move to action for things to be better when all of these is over.

Last night a TV journalist while sharing his thought on our 21 year of democracy said this on state of education sector and out of school children, "are we sure we have not put more children out of school? all we heard over last decade was 10 million out of school, are we sure the number has not doubled now, is there any measure, framework to reduce these figures?"

So what is our escape plan? Maybe you have one, no time to wait on the government but as youth, we have to learn how to use the opportunities, 21st century skills, innovative tools, collaboration and sincerity of purpose to work together for the greater good of our future.

As a SDGs advocate, I have used my knowledge, skills and experience to develop structures and trained several youth groups, non profit organization, individuals and communities on several SDGs approach to solving problems through our organization Sdgs Act Lagos.

With the help and support from the program I was selected for last year, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, I had the opportunity to learn more about the use of tech in solving challenges in the education sector, yet am not satisfied as a lifelong learner I want more, this is why have been using the pandemic period to learn more from the Microsoft Educator Communities.

If you are passionate about innovative in the education sector, it is a credible platform you need to look out for online, with opportunities to learn, network and meet amazing people across the globe you can collaborate and design the future we want together.

Early this year, I had the privilege to meet amazing innovative minds from Microsoft Dynamic 365 Group. It's amazing to know that Microsoft opened her first innovative centre in Africa in Lagos and Nairobi. Phil Spencer, executive sponsor of the Africa Development Center (ADC) and executive vice president at Microsoft said "it’s an opportunity to engage more with local partners, academia, governments and developers – driving impact and innovation in sectors important to Africa.”

Let's explore!

Sheriff Gbadamosi

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