Sheriff Gbadamosi
2 min readMar 25, 2020


Life is Iffy

I remembered when I started JavaScript class, my tutor made a statement, "Life is if else".

It's very clear right now we are experiencing such right now across the world, two years ago I took a course online at Stockholm University on Resilience Thinking - "is about understanding and engaging with a changing world. By understanding how and why the system as a whole is changing, we are better placed to build a capacity to work with change, as opposed to being a victim of it."

So right now how do we live in other not to be a victim of change? What if the CODVID-19 pandemic continues till next 6 months, what will be the effect on;
Social lifestyle...

Else, if CODVID-19 pandemic ends let's say next 30 days, how will it shape out future? Are we just going to continue our lives the way it used to be? Or we take the lesson and use the information to rebuild our nation and the world.

Two weeks ago at Centre for Sustainable, University of Ibadan during a panel session I emphasis on unavailability of database as a nation (Citizenship), Social Mobility and
Access to health. We are about to lockdown the biggest economy in Nigeria (Lagos State) and definitely this will affect millions of lives because we all know the fact that we lived in a country that is not well structured or prepared for a lockdown, this might also leads to hunger while the pandemic continues.

Many people have asked him which would you rather choose, Lockdown or Hunger? My question to you this morning is what is the solution to the reality on ground for us to manage the present reality, if the country need to lockdown how are you going to survive?



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