Sense of Urgency

Sheriff Gbadamosi
2 min readJul 1, 2020


Sense of Urgency

"We all have two lives, the second begins when we realise we only have one" - Confusors

Sometimes we procrastinate, fully knowing what we are supposed to do and can't get ourselves motivated to do the necessary things. How can we add sense of urgency to our life?

At young age life seems as if we are going to live forever young but as we grow older, we realized what time we have left.

Do you know on the average we spend 26 years of our lives just resting and sleeping?

Do you know what is even more shocking? We spend 7 years of our lives just trying to sleep due to school, stress, work and other activities. Sleep is a big issue.

Do you know we spend an average of 11 years watching Television and browsing the internet.

We spend another 5 years eating because we need energy for our day to day activities.

You think we primary and secondary school took alot of time? Total accumulated time spent in both is just 1 year.

We spend another 1 year going out on a date and romance.

If you are health conscious type, you spend 1 year exercising or maybe 2 years.

Assuming you spend 26 minutes commuting to work everyday, after 40 years you would have spent 1 year just going to work.

Am not yet done, if you want to achieve mastery or goal in life, a career in sport, entertainment, technology and business. Anything you want to do, on the average it takes 7 to 10 years to become a master in that choose field.

How much do you have left to spend in life to create the life you want? the relationship we want, that exceptional career?

Dear friend, does this sounds like we have all the time to achieve all that we want? This research is just for an ideal situation if you don't make lot of mistakes. Imagine a situation where you make lots of mistakes, finding yourself and lost without guidance, getting in debt and health issues. That will take another few years to bounce back.

What are you going to stop doing to waste time?

What are you going to start doing to earn a sense of urgency in your life?

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Happy New Month.

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