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Welcome all experience

Knowledge and experience give you the ability to recognize patterns in new situations that arise. The more repeating patterns you can recognize, the faster you can make decisions and take action in any given set of circumstances.

Someone asked me last week, "what sacrifices have paid of for you and brought you thus far in the health sector" ?

I graduated from Lagos State University as a Physicist, I remembered those years, some call me "Adedibu" because I always welcome all experience not just in my academics but also at representing the department.

This happened to be one of many experiences that shaped me and continuously developed me and make me have a resolve to achieve whatever goals planned through acquisition of new knowledge and sharing with my colleagues.

Fast forward after graduating, volunteering job opportunity came at the Ministry of Health and I jumped at it, you know how government work always look like? Same routing everyday but I did not allow that to determine my roles and responsibilities, rather, I welcome all experiences and again I was called "Sheriff Onise" but rather I saw myself as one who is pursing my growth plan. Did it work out for me as planned?

Absolutely yes but am still a work in progress because yet even after working on several health projects and intervention, I continued to welcome new experiences and acquire knowledge, maybe it is a sacrifice that worth it.

Note: The person with the greatest pattern recognition ability will
always rise to the top of any organization of value. His or her judgment and contribution will be of greater value and have greater impact on other people and on the results of the organization than anyone else.

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